Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve (and Day) in Melbourne

Another stunning day of beautiful summer sunshine in Melbourne. We went for a walk along the banks of the Yarra and down to Southbank. 

Giant mistletoe on the Southbank footbridge - how cute is that?
'Love locks' have spread from the bridges of Europe to Melbourne

The Guardians are two large sculptures carved from Italian marble and clad with ceramic tiles. Bright and vibrant, the light bounces and gleams from their irregular surfaces. Apparently, the square-based mounting of the larger statue depicts the four elements, while the smaller statue reveals a woman's head looking through the hole of the larger sculpture and hints at the source of all the images, beyond our plane of vision. Right...

The Guardians by Simon Rigg

And some more images to add to my street art collection.

The Polly Woodside was launched in 1885 in Belfast. Between then and 1904 she made seventeen trips to all parts of the world, and rounded the infamous Cape Horn sixteen times. The tall ship is now a museum where visitors can discover the technical aspects and experience conditions for the crew of an eighteenth-century sailing ship. In 2007 the Polly Woodside was added to the Victorian Heritage Register. 

Polly Woodside
Don't mind if I do
Boris bikes in Melbourne?

This sculpture, Ophelia by Deborah Halpern was named the official face of Melbourne by Tourism Victoria in 1996. I wonder what the people of Melbourne think of that. 

On one of the bridges is a series of sculptures, designed by Nadim Karam and Atelier Hapsitus. Supposedly they capture the moments of historical significance in Melbourne. This one is Running Couple, which is in homage to the period 1956 -2005 and represents refugees.

Ponyfish Island
I just love this reflection/refraction - don't know why.

This is the coat of arms of the City of Melbourne. The motto means 'she gathers strength as she goes' and is a quote from Vergil's Aeneid. I like it combined with the symbols in the quarters of a hanging fleece, a spouting whale, a black bull and a three-masted ship. Him Outdoors likes the fact that it is claret and blue.

The City of Melbourne coat of arms on the Princes Street Bridge
That station again - sorry, but I love it!
This spire is part of the Arts Centre and was apparently inspired by the billowing of a ballerina's tutu and the Eiffel Tower. On 1st January 2012 it was set alight by the New Year's Ever fireworks. Oops! Let's hope there's not a repeat performance tonight!
The Arts Centre Spire
Statue of Governor LaTrobe, by Peter Corlett
Chinatown at night
Almost everywhere had a cover-charge of at least one hundred dollars for New Year's Eve and they were packed full of young people, so we found the Tram Bar at the Arts Centre which was relatively peaceful, although still with a good vibe, and very close to the firework action. We had a bottle of bubbles and observed the banging sparks in the sky from the Queen Victoria Gardens. Happy New Year!

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