Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blue Mountains

The Six Foot Track is a 45km trail through the Blue Mountains, starting at Katoomba and finishing at Jenolan Caves. Every second Saturday in March various nutters race along it as an off-road marathon to raise funds for the rural fire service. Him Outdoors is one such nutter. I went along to take pretty pictures at sunset...

The Three Sisters

...and sunrise.

Then I went for a walk to see the Three Sisters from another angle.

The start of the Prince Henry cliff walk
The track heads down to the rocks
Rock detail
I turned up just in time to see Him Outdoors finish the race.

Jenolan Caves
Probably quite unfairly I made Him Outdoors come with me on the Giant Stairway walk the next day. It comprises over 2,000 steps. Ooops. But look, he's still smiling!

Lady Carrington's Dining Hall

Back at the top we had restorative hot chocolate at the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company, which was served in a sort of milk fondue with chocolate buttons you could melt into your own drink.

A new friend found among the trees
Mural in Leura
In the beautiful village of Leura we pottered about the home-ware shops, bookshops, and the business fashion outlets (with their coloured leather Kindle folders). We went to Cafe Bon Ton for a bite to eat and a drink. I had a Mauritian fish wrap with spicy flavours of lime, lemongrass and ginger, and we had a wine flight to accompany it: a French Sauvignon Blanc (hints of crushed fennel seeds); a crisp, flinty, minerally Riesling; and a big-bodied Chablis with a lemon twist. Highly recommended.

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