Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Runs and stuff

Trail Races at Lake Crackenback gave us the opportunity to run through some spectacular Snowy Mountain scenery, and relax with a fair dinkum Aussie pale ale.

Lake Crackenback

The Mandalay bus is a bit of an institution in Braddon, serving takeaway food on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It was daytime when I was there, however, so I ate at Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe instead. It's part of the Lonsdale Street Traders and although it's organic and vegan, it's not as dry and po-faced as that sounds. The coffee is fair-trade, the cakes, muffins and brownies are moist and tasty, and the atmosphere is pop-up funky chic.

Artwork on the Mandalay bus in Braddon
A working breakfast at Sweet Bones
We recorded the sounds for the dramatic shipwreck sequence for Twelfth Night - while the women provided the shrieks and wails, the men were meant to offer manly nautical terminology and tense commands. It must be noted that some will always perform to the gallery, even while the ship is sinking...

Creating a soundscape for Twefth Night
Mulligans Flat

We had loads of grapes on our vines in the garden - enough to share with the wattlebirds, which was just as well as they would have taken them anyway!

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