Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Advent beers, acting and jogging

December brings advent, and the start of our advent beer calendar.

Beer number one: Silly Saison - a Belgian brown with Saison yeast
Beer number two: Brew Dog's Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents - hazy golden with sweet malts and plentiful citrus hops
Beer number three: Mighty XP Old World IPA - strongish, goldenish, IPA-ish beer
Beer number four: Stone Dog Meadery Loud Mouth Braggart - earthy honey tones on a seriously good ale
Beer number five: Hop Dog Abbey of the Dead - Belgian red ale with added hibiscus and marigolds
Beer number six: Woolshed Brewery Judas the Dark - coffee and chocolate on the nose and palate, also gentle spices and roasted wattleseed
Beer number seven: Bateman's Mocha Porter - liqueur chocolates; chocolate malt flavour, some coffee and hop bitterness
A visit to the shop from the sales dude at Prancing Pony
And just to prove that it's not all beer, I went for a jog around Umbabgong District Park.

Graffito at Kippax Playing Fields
Rehearsing for the play Cara Carissima, written by Geoff page and directed by Tanya Gruber.

Peter Robinson as Barry, the public servant
Bruno Galdino as the barista
Cara Irvine as Cara, the EA, and Peter as Barry
Director, Tanya Gruber, with Cara
Tanya films Cara and Nikki, the wife
Bruno having a rest with Nikki in the background
Cara (Cara) and Barry (Peter)

And another run; this one at Woodstock Nature Reserve.

Bounding up the steps! (Or not)

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