Monday, March 15, 2010

Week Eleven: Motatapu

Him Outdoors likes a challenge. So this year, when the Motatapu event introduced a new 49km two-person 'adventure run' through tussock-studded hills, he thought it sounded like a good idea. He even managed to persuade someone else to be foolhardy enough to tackle it with him. I'm not sure that either of them thought it was such a good idea at 4am in the cold and dark on the morning of the race, however.

After dropping them off at the start, I led the life of luxury, as they had arranged for me and some other supporters to be flown in a helicopter above the course and through the fantastic scenery. Tracks that you are used to running and cyling along look very different from this angle.

I don't know who was more excited when we spotted them tiptoeing through the tussock - us or them!

We touched down so that we could offer support as they ran along the river bed.

We then headed off to the next vantage point for chief spectating duties and a champagne picnic in the midst of a beautiful backdrop, made even more perfect by the fact that our boys were in the lead!

And then it was back in the helicopter where we flew to the finish. They weren't all that far behind! We saw competitors in the other races come riding and running through the last river crossing before we spotted our team of two holding onto the lead and storming home - and there was much rejoicing.


  1. How cool for you, eh, I mean Spaz. Go Spaz, go! But seriously, I'd be all over that helicopter ride and breakfast picnic!! How could you not have a smile on your face to greet them at the race's end?!?

  2. Hi Kate,

    Awesome pics and great report! It was great to meet you guys and get to hang out with you in a helicopter ... what a magic day - and like you say it was made all that much better because the boys won. :-) (It was good of them to struggle and sweat for 7 1/2 hours while we led a life of luxury!) Hope you don't mind if I forward the link to my family? All the best and hope to see you guys again soon.