Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week Twelve: Welcome back to Wellington

I have been back in Wellington for a week, experiencing a strange parallel universe. In the evenings I go to the theatre to see great works of dance and drama as part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival. During the days I occasionally go to art galleries and museums, but mostly I hang out with the Weevil, her children and 'other mothers'. They go on walking groups to places such as the Botanic Gardens.

And for those who are desperate to see said children (yes, that's you mum and dad), here are a copule of pictures.

Here is the City Art Gallery, with a case of colourful chicken-pox due to the trade-mark work of a previous exhibition featuring Yayoi Kusama. Around this building names of subjects are engraved such as literature, commerce, fine arts and history. I particularly like the sound of 'useful arts', and I can't help but wonder what they are.

Wellington is showing off with a rare fine day, and even a stingray comes to visit.

Among the 'adult things' is a highly pleasurable and decadent visit to Martha's Pantry with my friend Mellow Elo where we devour tiers of the teeniest cutest little club sandwiches, mini quiches, scones and cup-cakes with earl grey tea in chintz china cups.

I also go for a walk around Mt Vic with my friend Psychoville Phil. She poses by trees and on benches and we admire the quirky houses with their ornamental gardens and features.

A trip to the Basin Reserve to see some international cricket  is 'rewarded' with a display of brilliant bowling by Doug Bollinger and a total batting collapse by New Zealand.

Meanwhile, back to the children... At the Basin Reserve, you are allowed to come and play on the pitch at lunchtime. The dads come streaming on, barely able to contain their excitement as they sieze upon bewildered small children and proceed to bat and bowl with abandon.

Niece Rachel pulls a monster face for Him Outdoors, aka Uncle Spaz, and Nephew Olaf has his go at whacking the ball at Karori Park.

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  1. what a great set of pictures.
    i yelled "Mellow Elo" in the office, and caused hysterics (mainly my own). Good times.

    Must say, this is the best i've ever seen the Botanic Gardens looking!