Monday, March 8, 2010

Week Ten: Mt Creighton Track

Another page from the 'what a wonderful place we live' files. We went for a walk around the Mt Creighton Loop, past mining evidence of sluicings and water races, with tunnels carved through rock and other stone erosions. Sam Summers' hut can still be used by trampers although the pots look a little rusty and the sagging matresses aren't the most tempting.

Beautiful beech and manuka forests line the track and the plunging waterfalls with a stream that looks like a glistening staircase. Above the trees, the views of the lakes and mountains are stunning and the plenteous dragonflies swoop and dive across the sunny, soporific meadows.

1 comment:

  1. That shot with the rusty hanging pots is a classic. Have you ever played with overlays or actions that can give photos an old-timey feel??

    If you're interested, Adobe is offering a free beta of their Lightroom software, which is the gold standard of aspiring professional photographers here in the states. It has built in actions so you can see your photos several different ways, all at the touch of a button without harming your original in the slightest.

    I can't remember whether you're anti-post-processing or not. My mother-in-law is, but that's because she's afraid of the technology, truth be told. I think each photo should be judged on a case by case basis. After all, she tells the developers at her local Walmart to bump up the blues or the reds on particular sets of prints. But I digress.