Monday, December 20, 2010

Week Fifty-One: Gateway to Paradise

Glenorchy, at the head of Lake Wakatipu, bills itself as the gateway to Paradise - there is a small settlement, just up the river a bit, called Paradise, but obviously you are meant to draw biblical parallels with some heavenly delights. That might be pushing it a bit, but even on a gray and overcast day, it still has some atmospheric appeal.


  1. Dave was besotted with Glenorchy when we visited the South Island; it was one of the high points for him (forget all of the glaciers and the tropical beaches of Motueka). The scrubby barren-ness (word?) of the place made me think of the Scottish highlands. Looks like you had the same weather we did: overcast and a bit dreary. Completes the picture really.

  2. There was an pastor, based largely in Queenstown, who once commented that he was the luckiest man alive because his see reached from the Devil's Staircase to Paradise. It's true, ask Mr. Clarke.