Monday, December 27, 2010

Week Fifty-Two: Pathetic Fallacy

I had occasion to travel to Dunedin last week, and though my mind was overwrought, the stunning Central Otago scenery with sheep grazing nonchalantly before weird rock formations and blue skies always gives me pause for thought, as do the fabulous cherries from the Packhouse at Roxburgh.

I needed time to think and clear my mind so I went down to the beach at St Claire in Dunedin and walked on the wide sands inhaling the sea air and allowing the fresh breeze to blow through me like a Pentecostal cleansing. I love the expanse of the horizon: the thought that there is so much out there although all we see is sea. To paraphrase the master, 'There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophy.'

As I drove home I was very sad, and the rain fell on ruined buildings in a way that perfectly matched my mood. Thomas Hardy would have been proud of such pathetic fallacy.


  1. Am so jealous of your trip to the beach, Kate, even if the circumstances weren't pleasant. Great photos. One to frame: #9 where the wet sand reflects that shapely cloud.

  2. Thanks Pebble, that's my favourite shot too.
    Happy New Year - love Kate x

  3. Happy new year, Haggle! May we see many more beauteous shots of your NZ life in 2011.