Monday, December 13, 2010

Week Fifty: Tour of Arrowtown

This week I went on a mini-tour of Arrowtown with David Clarke of the Lakes District Museum who happily shared his local knowledge. He told us tales of all the buildings and their previous inhabitants, spinning yarns and weaving anecdotes while we listened and took photographs and notes.
I was particularly interested by the gaol which I had never visited before. Apparently it was last used as a corrective facility as recently as 1987 when New Year revellers who'd had a drop too much were locked up overnight to sober up! It is occasionally used as a facility for art-work or a venue for ghost tours. Apparently the Dairy Queen has performed here in her incarnation of a drunken village trollop. She hid in a cell when a tour-group were being shown around the premises, then crashed out of the door and gave them all the fright of their lives! Sounds fun...



  1. More than once actually! Gave Jim Hickey the afternoon of his life too! It's a fantastic building. Good for scaring children.

  2. ...and that's got to be a good thing!

    Happy New Year to you
    Kate x

  3. Hi Kate,

    I am currently creating a portfolio for an SIT photography diploma and looking for images of Arrowtowners in historic costumes I can use to create a series of historic Arrowtown settings. I found this excellent series of images from the 150th anniversary would like your permission to use them.

    They may be modified for my course but used for any marketing purposes or financial gain.

    You can email me if you like -

    Philip Green