Friday, February 3, 2012

Backstage moments

Some 'backstage' shots from the season of Greed, Galmour and Grudges: Tales of Gold prove the beauty of the setting (and, of course, the wonderful cast!). 

Director, Tiffany Menzies

Belinda Fraser
Canvas town levitates!
An interested spectator
Melanie Grindell
Nicole Graham and Ailsa Williamson
The cast as spectators
Nicole Graham
Jane Robertson
Sarah Bogle
Paul Halsted
Tiffany Menzies
Ailsa Williamson and Eamonn McNicholas
Zelia Horrell, Jane Robertson and Samuel Farr
The weather was pretty chilly for our first night of performances so the cast took to blankets, knitting and thermos flasks to keep warm. It's not all sex and drugs and rock n' roll, you know!

Lisa Moore and Tiffany Menzies
Susan Auty gets carried away with the whole ghost thing
Victoria Keating swats up on salads
Paul Halsted keeps warm
Susan Auty
Nicole Graham
Quick change!
And then it was sunny and warm again the next day.

Helen Bird

Hana Ashworth-Manning
Melanie Grindell waits patiently to collect the gold cold donations
Andrea Reeve makes running repairs
Fraternising with the judge - David Cantwell and Jason Fullerton
The 'crowd' on the banks of the pond

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  1. Hey, Kate, Great pics, could I get a copy of the group photo? thanks, Tiff