Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great Kiwi Beer Festival

Friends and I went to the Great Kiwi Beer Festival in Hagley Park in Christchurch. The event was completely sold out (9,000 tickets) and it seemed as though a good time was had by all. There were 33 craft breweries selling their wares, and many food stalls as well.

Apparently there was music too, and some people just came for the bands. Others came for a good day out in the sun where they could spend time with friends and not worry about anything until the next day. And the sun shone on us all - God likes beer!

It was quite quiet to begin with before the crowds arrived and we were able to casually stroll up to whichever beer tent we liked (not to mention split our infinitives willy-nilly)...

I was taking notes and photos and still managed to carry beer without spillage - and I thought I couldn't multi-task! I could even read my notes later and have typed them up on Kate's blog for your edification.

Ginger Jerry by Wigram proved to be one of my favourite beers of the festival

We stopped by to say hello to the good people at Arrow Brewery. We didn't imbibe any of their lovely brews, although we know that they are lovely because we live just down the road and drink them frequently. I do reckon they had the best stall though, and I also like the nifty use-again packaging!

Him Outdoors stopped for a chat with Mr Mike of Mike's Mild fame. Their brewery is the oldest one here (at 23 years strong).

The Brew Moon lady saw us standing alone
I heart hops
One of 'our lot'
Him Outdoors looks serious
They start them young at the Twisted Hop
random people drinking
Wide Boy Steve - He Likes Beer

Witch 3 - She doesn't, but we're working on it
There was music...

And laughter...

The bacon butty girls
And happy ever after...

WBS is starting to look a bit like Bez from The Happy Mondays
Another one of 'our lot'
When you've got a camera, random strangers pose for a picture - I can hardly disappoint now, can I?

I've no idea who these people are

or these ones

I was impressed with the mixture of clientelle. By which I mean there were folk of all ages (over 18 of course), and lots of women as well as men - women drink beer too, you know!

The Black Seeds, apparently
Happy hoppy people

Getting towards the end of the day, as you can tell...

Time to go home

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