Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon

Another of Adrian Bailey's events, the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon was on last weekend. Him Outdoors ran it, and I took photos and manned a drink station at the halfway point. This meant I got driven through some of the most beautiful scenery to Ben Lomond Lodge where we spent the night and were treated to some fabulous hospitality from the wonderful Foster Family.

John Foster on the barbecue, cooking up the 'most expensive sausages you'll ever eat' - made from pure merino sheep!
Him Outdoors 'entertains' Mr Faulkner and CJD
Talking about the route...
It was an early start the next morning as the competitors were taken to the start of the race by helicopter.

And then the runners started to arrive...

Martin Cox, the eventual winner
Runners emerging at the top of the ridge
CJD looking sexy
Him Outdoors hopes that his calf holds up to the terrain...
...and wonders if beer is considered a performance drink
Runners arriving thick and fast...
Louisa Andrew - 2nd lady (I missed the first one)
Mr Faulkner
Harald Ulriksen
Wasting way too much energy!
It's not like Cairns, apparently
Bringing us sunshine...
...the Born to Runners
Is this the finish? Yes, of the first half!
Look at all these clearly mental people, still smiling. Haven't they seen a map of the course? It's all uphill from here!

Polly Buchanan
Aha, someone knows what's in store...
Him Outdoors and CJD skip across the finish line after five and a half hours - okay, maybe not skip as such!


  1. Hey Kate, just came across my pic on your blog. And you're right, it most definitely wasn't like Cairns! I'd been training in mid-30s temps and almost 100% humidity, and I still wasn't prepared! Sensational event, amazing Kiwi hospitality and an inspirational location. I'll most certainly be back!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Andrew. I'm glad you liked the event and are planning to return! We now live in Canberra and are turning our attention to Aussie events. The Big Red Run has been mentioned... (