Monday, May 21, 2012

Bateman's Bay

Bateman's Bay is two hours from Canberra and many Canberrans go here at weekends to see the sea. We did too.
We had lunch at Innes Boatshed sitting out on the wooden deck over the water. I had oysters while Him Outdoors had fish and chips - you choose what you want from the cabinet and they cook it for you in light, crispy, golden batter. Yum! And no, we didn't feed the seagulls.

The Clyde River meets the sea here and according to the brochures it is "a marine playground full of Australia's favourite past times including sailing, big game fishing and river cruising"- not drinking and fighting then?

Corrigan's Beach
Broulee Beach


  1. what a find, that little crab. Fantastic shot, Kate! Love those beautiful white shells tucked into the pockets of the rock, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Erika,
    We had such fun, with Him Outdoors peering under all the rocks and then running away with a weird dance to escape the scuttling crabs he had released. It was hard to keep the camera still, I was laughing that much!

    Kate x