Thursday, May 31, 2012

Namadgi National Park

Namadgi National Park in ACT is just over 100km² comprising almost half of the state's area. It includes granite mountains, alpine meadows, grassy plains and snow gum forests. You can find Aboriginal rock art, quarry sites and ceremonial stone arrangements, as well as European settlers' huts, fences and evidence of pioneering farming techniques.

We walked the Settlers' Track, which is an easy 9km loop on a bright autumn day.

Brayshaw's Homestead

Crimson Rosella
Old fence posts

Waterhole Hut
So then I decided to play with different camera effects.

Australian Gothic

An old sheep dip
I went for the slightly sepia, faded, muddied colour look for these photos of Waterhole Hut

Back to the natural look for these eucalyptus trees on Shanahan's Mountain.


  1. blurooferika@earthlink.netJune 2, 2012 at 3:31 AM

    My fave is the Australian gothic. Isn't it fun to shoot a scene and think "This would be perfect with a sepia tone or a cross-processed look"? So easy nowadays. We're so lucky.

  2. Hey Erika,

    I know! That's my favourite too. 75% of the fun is taking the photo and then 25% is playing with it afterwards - and I've only got the most basic of software. I must invest in something extra...

    Kate x