Monday, May 7, 2012

A Fabulous Farewell

CJD had said he and some other friends would take us to a winery for lunch, so they picked us up and drove us out to Frankton - we were slightly perturbed to be going the wrong way, but he said they had a quick errand to run, and Squirt was talking so much we were distracted. And then we arrived at the helicopter place!

CJD and Spik and 'their' chopper
EmC - always in control
Him Outdoors is a little bit excited
CJD had booked a helicopter to fly us all to Mount Difficulty. It was such an incredible way to arrive; luxury and decadence and fabulous views - an incredible buzz!

Mount Difficulty Winery

Our vehicle in the car park
We had a wine-tasting, then platters (featuring olives, sundried tomatoes, salami, smoked moki, wild pork terrine, gingerbread, blue cheese, smoked salmon, cheese balls and sticky fig compote), followed by more wine and chatter. I was on a total high - pun entirely intended.

Is it just me, or does this have a Brokebank Mountain feel about it?
As if it couldn't get any better, the helicopter pilot (Scotty) stopped on top of the Remarkables on the way back. On top! Just below Double Cone on a tiny ridge. Excuse my profanity, but I'm afraid words failed me and all I could say was 'F*%#ing Wow!'

We took photos, threw snowballs, made snowangels, shrieked and giggled and generally behaved like over-excited puppy dogs. It was fantastic being up there: almost unbelievable.

Preparing to throw
Spik throwing like a girl
I'm not the only one who can't stop taking pictures
Squirt briefly stops talking - it is breathtaking, after all!
Scotty's seen it all before
Yes, ok, we sang 'I'm on the top of the world...'
CJD drove us straight to the Arrow Brewing Company, where we spent the rest of the evening drinking Arrow beers and saying goodbye to all our friends.

Greg hides behind the pumps
The gorgeous Aussie battler
Mischievous Minx and the Great Galah - what a pair!
MM and the Fudge Princess - an even scarier pair!
The Wee Red Hen is on fire tonight!
Good concentraion - are you sure?
The Dairy Queen looking luscious (and only slightly manic)
By this stage it looks as though no one is actually listening to anyone else anymore. But we are all still having fun!

Spik, the Naki Boy and the Great Galah
Squirt has managed to fall asleep with an 'I'm listening to you, honest' expression on her face
It looks as though they are bored with each other's company, but apparently they are all typing my new address into their smart phone
I hug Bad Fairy, because she loves public displays of affection sooooo much!
The Dairy Queen wants the camera
The evening ended with an underpant mile - don't worry, I shall spare you the evidence.

I was overwhelmed with the emotion from all my friends. I am a long way from my family and I miss them all, but these guys (and a few absent friends also) give me their love and support and make me feel part of a whole new and very special family. I would like to quote from the words a friend (I won't mention their name as they will just be embarrassed) wrote in a card and to turn it back on you all.
"We are so privileged to have you as friends. You are so much fun to be around and your wit, intelligence and loving natures put you way at the top of the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD list!!! We will miss you dreadfully but look forward to having more good times with you in Canberra and/or who knows where."
Thanks for the most fabulous send-off everyone - you have made it almost impossible for us to come back - almost...

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