Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Berrima and Beer

On the way back from somewhere to somewhere else, we stopped at Berrima, which purports to be a historic town in the Southern Highlands. It has a number of beautiful sandstone buildings including cafes, churches, and Australia's oldest continually licensed inn.

There is also a gaol and a court house, neither of which are currently in use for their original purpose, although there is an information centre in the court house where we learned that the gaol was only recently closed down - until November 2011 it was an all-female low-to-medium security prison. The prisoners used to landscape all the communal areas of the town and, without them, many residents fear their greens and verges will run to ruin.  

Berrima Court House
We then moved on to the Old Goulburn Brewery, housed in Bradley Grange.The buildings were designed as an integrated industrial complex and there are many panels and displays with intricate details about the architecture and design of the buildings. It is the beer we were interested in, however, and Him Outdoors loved the old barrels and brewing equipment.

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