Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wedding photos

As well as being invited to the wedding of friends (the  groom works with Him Outdoors), I was also asked if I could be 'official' photographer. Of course I was honoured to be asked, and took my camera along to combine guest role and duties. The pressure of wedding photography would be immense if it weren't for the wonderfully relaxed attitude of the bride and groom. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Bride's bouquet
Something blue
One while you wait
A moment of reflection
The official certificate
I love how the bride is back-lit in this picture
Celebratory hugs all round
Group shot
The best man telling tales
And the best woman has a few too!
First dance
Sparkle of honour


  1. Congrats, Kate! These turned out very well. I know you had written that you were nervous about being their wedding photographer, so I hope the experience gave your confidence a boost. You got a great variety of shots. I do love the black and white ones.

  2. Kate, these are amazing and I hope the bride and groom were dead chuffed with them because I know I would be.
    Your proud Scarey Sis

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments, as I was indeed very nervous about the whole thing. The bride and groom were happy with the shots and I even got paid! Not enough to earn my keep, perhaps, but it's a start.

    Kate x

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