Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sydney Sojourn

Some images of a weekend break to Sydney for a friend's birthday.

Sculpture of Lloyd Rees by Lawrence Beck
Lloyd Rees (1895 - 1988) was an Australian landscape painter who twice won the Wynne Prize for his landscape paintings. A plaque on this plinth reads 'A city is the greatest work of art possible'.

The good folk of Sydney wait patiently for the bus
Strelitzia, known as the 'bird of paradise' flower
Danger: Lift Motor Room
Clearly very scary - but beer will help
And then I started playing about with the lighting effects on the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge as we caught a ferry back to the North Shore.

The next day a big storm came rolling in and the waves were crashing into the rock pools on our morning run. The kids were enjoying themselves as the life guards kept watch.

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