Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beatlemania '64: Candid Camera

As part of the musical Beatlemania '64 which I have been directing, one of the characters takes 'candid camera' shots on his new Polaroid as part of his university project, entitled 'A Collage of Contemporary Culture'. The idea is that these pictures are then projected onto a backdrop as part of the final scene.

So I took these photos of the cast in 'compromising positions' for this reason. Here they are:

Alison Douglas as Joyce Tobin

Angus Welsh as Constable Ogilvie

Bruce Patton

Caitlin Rivers as Wendy

Caitlin Sexton as Elizabeth

Clark Kirkwood as Rob

David Cantwell as Paddy

Family portrait
James Stephenson as Merve

Kasey Visser as Becky
Leah Farrell as Cynthia

Lorraine Copeland as Mrs Smith

Mitch Martin as Alister

Nigel Douglas as Alf

Norman Smith

Samuel Farr as Davy

Sarah Cassidy as Sophie

Shona Blair as Mrs Evans

Sue Dennis as Mrs Brown

Wink Gillespie as Gran
Congratulations to all the wonderful cast and crew on a great show. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved, and I hope your audience tells you just how much they loved you all.

My very special thanks must go to Jill Grealish who was production manager/ stage manager/ prompt/ assitant director/ wardrobe assistant and general all-round production angel. 

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