Monday, April 2, 2012

Wellington Weekend

I've recently spent a couple of days in Wellington, catching up with folk, and walking around the place; from the southern bays to the shops on Lambton Quay and the cemetery at Karori, it was a busy couple of days.

Una and Connor

The grave of Harry McNish (one of the explorer's on Shakelton's Endurance) is adorned with a bronze representation of Mrs Chippy - the cat who accompanied the exhibition. Despite the name, Mrs Chippy was discovered to be a male cat, but by then the name had stuck and the tiger-striped tabby retained the nickname.
Mrs Chippy
We were joined on our walk by this beautiful real-life version of Mrs Chippy who lives nearby and reportedly accompanies folk through the graveyard, stopping to be stroked and admired.

Nephew Adam with curious cat

Niece Rachel
At home with the Bakers...

Nephew Adam and the Weevil

Nephews Olaf and Adam


  1. What a handsome family! And I see a few lookalikes in the midst. :)

  2. No Kidding! And the fact that Adam looks like his Aunty Katie.
    Love Scarey x

  3. Surley not - I can't believe I ever looked so mischievous. Niece Rachel is surely rocking the Hermione Granger look though, just like her mum!

    Aunty Katy x