Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kids Cricket

Due to various local cricket matches being played in Karori and other venues, the last day of the junior cricket was moved to the Basin Reserve. This was quite exciting - playing cricket at the national venue, so I went along to watch as my nephew was involved in one of the six matches taking place.

As the teams were warming up (and throughout their matches actually), younger folk batted and bowled around the periphery. Nephew Adam and The Weevil squared up.

In the 'real game', nephew Olaf is at bat...


Not out!

...and in to bowl.

A walk around the Basin revealed a number of other talented youngsters...

... and Dad umpires.

Meanwhile, back at 'our game', the wickets were tumbling, thanks to some fearsome fielding.

And then it's handshakes all round to finish the game. In case you're wondering, I've got no idea who won - apparently that's not the point. It seems to be all about participation these days - my, how times have changed!


  1. Lovely pictures Kate. I am glad to see a talented girl there too. There is a storyline running in the Archers at present about a group of teenage girls turning up to nets along with the boys. Apparently, they are allowed to practice together but not to participate in mixed games above a certain age. I shall keep you posted about the outcome.

  2. Please do! Good old Archers - always at the forefront of cutting political and social commentary...

    Kate x