Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cocktails and Beer Tasting

Before moving house and country, we need to rid ourselves of some extraneous clutter, such as all these spirits we seem to have accumulated. So, what better way to do so than to invite our friends round to try out some experimental cocktails?

An anabolic steroid

The evil cocktail genius

The Fudge Princess with something green

Mr Faulkner 'enjoys' his tequila sunrise

Bad Fairy does sophistication
Him Outdoors has also been trying his hand at homebrew. He has made a rather palatable porter, so he suggested a blind tasting of his beer against four others. Not afraid of top-class competition, he pitted himself against Three Boys, Emerson's, Harrington's and Renaissance. As you can see, it was serious business.

Some interesting conclusions were that the girls liked Spaz's beer more than the boys did. Some of the lads suggested it was not as complex as the others, whereas my female friends appreciated the fact that it 'tasted the same all the way through'. A pro for the women was that it had a soft mouthfeel and no bitter aftertaste, while a con for the men was that it lacked hop flavour and lingering finish.

Next time you come to visit us try it and see for  yourself whether it really is an old wives' ale.

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  1. Wow! Big news. How imminent is your departure? I know you wouldn't undertake such a drastic measure as purging your liquor supplies unless things were pretty well along ;)